1. Stay relevant to fans by regularly sending email letters or mail outs


2. Update your following by posting and sending them your videos, interviews, and music.


3. Promote yourself and your upcoming shows and social events


4. Post authentic content consistently and interact with fans


5. Record excellent songs – whether you write them personally or sing covers


6. Selling & pre-selling marketing materials and physical media such as CDs, vinyl records, USBs, download cards, apparel, hats, promotional gifts.

Your loyal fans will love to support you financially while having something physical to remember your show by and promote you. Even better if it’s signed by you!


A presale is when you sell things that haven’t been created or manufactured yet. 
Having a presale strategy can really help business owners, labels, or independent artists to showcase new products, survey interest from consumers, and raise money for early operations.
Whether you’re just starting or established, presales are an excellent way to measure interest in your product. 

Reach out to your biggest fans through social media, email, and telephone to get your fan base involved in developing what products they want to purchase. 
Reward these fans for their loyalty with a discount or special incentive and gauge interest. From there you can start crowd funding or simply selling your product. This minimizes the investment risk, ensures product offerings that are tailored to your customers, and creates an inclusive culture with early adopters (i.e. your biggest fans) for your products!  

Selling in advance will increase your budget, allowing you to purchase larger manufactured quantities at a lower price per unit. This can exponentially increase your profits, and there is no financial risk. You will never have to buy something in advance hoping it will sell again! Marketing is crucial to a successful presale. Using sample visual mock-ups, you can post your potential product on your social media and website as engagement tools to bring fans and your brand together. This starts the conversation, allowing your fans to provide you with feedback so that you can make any revisions to give the fans what they want!

For presales, transparency with your customers is paramount! Let them know that the presale is a purchase to support the brand during the product development stage. Make sure they’re aware that all presale items will be shipped at a later date that will be announced. By being transparent you keep your customers happy. 

 Presales are an excellent way to generate a solid fan base, develop products or services, and remove potential issues. You will have the space to focus on your product without worrying about making sales, while your fans get exactly what they want. 

Having a factory that can manufacture your products, answer all your questions, and guide you through the process is invaluable.


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