Mylar Child Resistant & Standard Mylar Zipper bags are a staple in the food, spice and supplement industry for providing resilient protection of the contents.

Our certified child-resistant Mylar bags are custom manufactured in a dust free, controlled environment; perfect for brands that need peace of mind that their product can ONLY be accessed by their intended consumers.

Our food-grade certified mylar or polypropylene resealable or one time use plastic bags are perfect for storing medicinal items as they are tamper-evident, tested & approved by U.S. food & drug administration as well as the U.S. department of agriculture.

Airtight, leakage proof stand up pouches offer perfect packaging for food products because the high-barrier properties, keep moisture and oxygen from entering or exiting the package, allowing for longer shelf-life, and maintaining product freshness.


If you’re looking to support the environment by reducing impact with your product packaging, please contact us now for the most earth-friendly options like 100% recyclable CR zippers or 100% compostable & biodegradable films.