Pressing Media is proud to announce our partnership with Music Heals. Since January 31st, 2022, we have committed to donating 7% of our profits to this amazing foundation. 



What is Music Heals?

Music Heals is a Charitable Foundation in British Columbia Canada, made up of music lovers and enthusiasts who work hard to raise awareness and funds so that vulnerable people can better access music therapy programs. Since their start 10 years ago, they have funded over 32,000 music therapy sessions for patients in palliative care, seniors homes, children’s hospitals, AIDS and HIV programs, rehabilitation, bereavement support and at-risk youth.

What is music therapy?

Within therapeutic programs, Certified Music Therapists use music in a wide variety of ways to help patients with physical, emotional, cognitive or social deficits. Music therapy has a wide range of benefits to these patients, including but not limited to: improved social skills, a greater awareness of others, reminiscence in dementia patients, increased oxygen saturation rates in those with difficulty breathing, stimulating the language centers of the brain in stroke patients, fine-motor coordination, expression of feelings, and improved mood. It may also assist with pain management and behavioral therapy. Even healthy people can attest to the healing powers of music.

Let Her Sing 2022

Earlier this month, we were delighted to have been a sponsor in Music Heals BC’s event Let Her Sing: Giving Women a Voice through the Healing Power of Music. The event took place on International Women’s Day (March 8th), where 300 of Vancouver’s most influential women gathered at the Fairmont Pacific Rim to celebrate the day and learn about the healing power of music. Pressing Media was honored to provide a Music Heals tent, backwall and rolling case as well as custom-printed folded brochures, 5×7 postcards and five 24×36 foam core signs for the event. We have agreed to be their official print sponsor for all of their events moving forward.

Why Music Heals?

At Pressing Media we strongly believe in the healing power of music. We know that music has the ability to bring joy to our mind, body, and spirit. What better way to share our love of music, then to give the gift of music to those who need it most.

Become a sponsor

In addition to our 7% of profits going to the foundation, we encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering, sponsoring or event partnering with Music Heals to check out the their website here:


Thank you for believing in the healing power of music!