Gracenote: What is it?

The original inventor of online music catalogs, Gracenote  is the leader in digital file recognition. By embedding metadata into songs and audio-files, while adding the files to their massive online database, Gracenote helps musicians to register their tracks, album art, and even track order information. This is how tracks are easily identified and information can be displayed in cars, laptops, phones, iTunes, and other devices and leading apps. Gracenote also helps musicians protect their songs’ use by enabling music monitoring, which identifies copyrighted music for royalty management and compliance.

The Unique Audio Fingerprint

In addition to adding metadata to music files, Gracenote adds a digital identifier called an audio fingerprint. Gracenotes’ database serves these fingerprints to music services and apps. These fingerprints allow users to discover songs by sampling through their phones and sound-matching similar songs, music moods, artists or genres. 

Expand your Online Reach

Gracenote is used by millions of people and music services every day, making your music more accessible. In addition, Twitter has teamed up with Gracenote, making it even easier for musicians to get a Verified Account by streamlining the verifying process.

Instructions for submitting your CD to Gracenote are here.

The International Standard Recording Code

ISRC codes are a necessary part of audio ID technology for professionals in the music industry. A unique code is embedded in each track, so that each recording can be sold or streamed, allowing the proper royalties to be distributed to the artist each time their track is played. ISRC codes are compatible with most databases and hardware, as well as operable between many systems and organizations. This helps permanently identify the track when used on different platforms, in other countries or when selling and distributing.  

Where Gracenote can be used for identifying compositions, lyrics or album artwork, ISRC codes are strictly used to identify sound recordings and music videos.

You as the Artist must secure your own codes, one for each track. Visit USIRC to begin the application process.

Pressing Media’s Role

Here at Pressing Media, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a personal experience. If you have any questions regarding Gracenote or registering your ISRC codes for your new album, we want to hear from you. If you already have your ISRC codes and need assistance embedding them, we offer full audio creation, adding each ISRC code to every track. This is the only way to guarantee your music is trackable, taking ownership of your content to ensure you are paid royalties on all platforms, in every country, every time your song is played.

Brand for the Fans

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