eco-friendly usb's

The convenience and necessity of USB’s with a green upgrade

Making the choice to invest in eco-friendly branded merch for your marketing campaigns has the obvious advantage of reducing the impact on the environment. Your loyal and prospective clients will also associate your brand and products with a responsible attitude towards our planet. When businesses are selecting promotional items for their marketing campaigns, one of the most frequent considerations is whether to opt for a modern hi-tech item or for something that is environmentally friendly. Now it’s feasible to have both, with a custom recycled USB flash drive.

With outer casings made of sustainable, recycled materials, the USB functions exactly as a regular USB. It makes perfect sense to combine these environment-friendly qualities with a modern, essential tool of today’s business.

More and more as the effects of fossil-fuels are rapidly changing our climate and environment, businesses are looking for ways to lower emissions and decrease their carbon footprint. Many companies are choosing marketing and promotional items with lower impacts, to not only reduce these impacts, but to promote themselves as earth-friendly stewards in their communities.

With a shell made from recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, straw or bamboo, eco USB memory drives have become one of the most popular promotional items. At a time when convenience and instant marketing are essential, USBs convey huge amounts of information, catalogues, video, audio, are small, easy to carry anywhere the user may need, from trade shows, to business trips and their home office. These portable storage devices provide users space to also drop and store documents and files from their computers onto the USB flash drive, creating a safe, compact place to store information while making lasting impressions.

An Earth-Friendly
message to your clients

With growing demand for promotional giveaways, almost every company will be searching for ways to promote their brand. As focus on our world gets more and more green, businesses are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic promotional products. Eco products come with an added benefit: they promote an ethical business and green message. It’s never been a better time to deliver an earth friendly message and to play a part in the constant fight against global warming.

Like any other promotional product, recycled cardboard USB memory drives can be customized with your logo, promotional message, or company name. What’s more, they will help you promote a green message to your employees, business partners, or prospective clients. Since promotional giveaways are often handed out at trade shows or events, you can use your custom recycled USB to sell your music, videos, link new customer sign up’s online, presentations, coupons, special offers, discounts etc. It all comes down to conveying an ethical message while building up your public image.

Words like “eco” and “green” are very appealing to savvy clients. And these flash drives will imply that you are really making conscientious effort to see further than your organization’s purposes, thus enhancing your image and trustworthiness. Using products such recycled cardboard flash drives to ease the environmental impact will boost your clients’ confidence.