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Read what our happy clients have to say about Pressing Media!


“I just heard that the shipment to Airbus was delivered exactly as requested. The timely delivery is very much appreciated.”

Mark Robertson
Bytefusion Ltd in Douglas, IOM – British Isles

Fox Sports in Los Angeles

“I would like to thank you for all the hard work and rush ordering you did for us. The DVDs turned out perfect and our staff and clients are very pleased! Thank you.”

Jacque Johnson
Fox Sports in Los Angeles, CA – USA

Timmy Abell

“Thank you, Kelly and everyone, for another beautiful, flawless job! It’s a pleasure doing business with you, All best wishes.”

Timmy Abell
Timmy Abell Music in Asheville, NC – USA

Al Copeland

“The t-shirts look very official. I love them. Thank you. I can’t wait to get the CD’s.”

Alberta Copeland
Al Copeland Music in Dorchester, MA – USA

Robby Johnson

“Alleluia!!!! The CDs have arrived! Thank you so much!!! Hoping to order 50K more soon. Thanks.”

Rick Roberts
Contrast Music Records in Nashville TN – USA

Richard Kane

“Arrived and all looks great. Good job. I’ll have another one pretty soon. Will let you know.”

Richard Kane
Maine Film & Video Association in Sedgwick, ME – USA

Bullfrog Films

“USB Drives are here. They Look Great. Thank you.”

Winifred Scherrer
Bullfrog Films in Reading, PA – USA

Ire Clad

“Outstanding news! Now our CD release show can be certain of having CD’s! Thank you so very much for all your great service, timely efforts, and reassurances.”

Pete Schlough
Ire Clad in Trumansburg, NY – USA

Shape Pitaki

“I got the CDs on Friday and I am absolutely thrilled! They look amazing and they arrived faster than I thought they would. Thank you so much for all your help! You were very professional, courteous, super responsive and all in all just an absolute pleasure to work with! We will definitely work again with you soon.

Thank you so very much much!”

Shane Thompson
Shape Pitaki in Costa Mesa, CA – USA


“Hello, this is Katie Cushman from One Shot One Kill, we ordered CDs and they look so good! Thank you very much!”

Katie Cushman
One Shot One Kill in Denver, CO – USA

Transcontinental Printing

“We have received our T-Shirt order and everything looks great so far, as well everyone seems very pleased with them, well done & greatly appreciated!

Thank you”

Dean Andersen
Transcontinental Printing in Fremont, CA – USA

La Blast

“Thank you! Always great to work with you. I appreciate all of your help and look forward to the next project!”

Colleen Kirk
Meadowgate Media Investments Inc in Encino, CA – USA


“They look fantastic. Print quality is very superb. Thanks so much!.”

Kevin Peeples
Tech Inc Productions in Huntersville, NC – USA


“Just wanted to thank you for your help with the Coupstick record, it sounds and looks great!”

Bill Thomas
Billy Tee Productions in Lakewood, CO – USA

La Blast Dance Fitness Lifestyle

“I just wanted to take a moment and send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate the work you and your team did for us in producing the LaBlast DVD’s for The Shopping Channel project. Everyone at Pressing Media went above and beyond to get the DVD’s done and delivered on time, despite the many hitches along the way! I promise that next time will be smoother!

Please thank everyone on your team for us, they did an outstanding job.

I look forward to working with you again soon!”

Colleen Kirk
Crunch in New York, NY

Jeannette M. Utajara

“We received everything yesterday! Looks Great! Sounds Great!…Thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate it. They arrived in time for the 5 de Mayo celebrations and the mother’s day release party. Thank you once again! Looking forward to working with you again soon!”

Jeannette M. Utajara
Longmont, CO – USA

Our Journey Home in Australia

“Everything looks good with the “Barry Allen – Goin’ Places” pressing – I’d certainly use you again. I’ll write soon with more projects throughout the year, all in the same digipack format. Thanks again!”

Shawn Nagy in Duluth, MN – USA

Amy Barcroft

“I just received the first shipment of the pre-printed blank CDRs.  They are outstanding.  I’m telling you; there is nothing you could do to make them better.  They are perfect, and you, my friend, have a new customer for life!”

Dan Coleman
MasterMix Music in Murfreesboro, TN – USA

Mike Banta

“I received the CD’s today and they look and sound great – thanks so much everybody!”

Mike Banta
Centennial, CO – USA

Mark Lauren You Are Your Own Gym

“I’ve been meaning to write you to tell you what great work you did for us. Thank you. The DVD’s are selling and we should be ready for another order in the next couple of months!”

Mark Lauren & Samantha Nomany
Yayog Inc in Tampa Bay, Florida – USA

Our Journey Home in Australia

“Our Journey Home the Movie is now up for sale on Amazon. Thank you for your prompt service and handling of our account which you did with patience and professionalism!”

Cynthia Kavassilas
Our Journey Home Proprietary LTD in Jamestown – Australia

Nick Ferro

“The initial 300pcs you had rushed for us look and sound perfect. Thanks again for making that happen for us. The show was a success and everybody had an awesome time!”

Nick Ferro
Pull the Alarm in Lakewood, CO – USA

Becky Henkel

“Got my album back from pressing media ahead of expected arrival. Great and friendly customer service. Sounds GREAT, looks AWESOME. Thanks so much!”

Becky Henkel
Bexley in Santa Monica, CA – USA

Spokes Buzz

“Our order arrived and it sounds perfect, digital works and everything!  I liked working with Pressing Media, great communication.  Thanks for everything!!!”

Dani Grant
SpokesBuzz in Fort Colins, CO – USA

Every Mother's Dream

“Great. Thank you so much. Your work is so good and we feel lucky to have found you to work with on this project.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful day! ”

Barbara Rothstein
Musiconcepts in Encino, CA – USA

Southern Gospel

“Thank you so much for your quick turn around.   We really do appreciate it. Have a wonderful holiday season! ”

Nanette & Natalie West
Three Voices West in Denver, CO – USA

Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish Mini

“Thanks again for a great job on the 20K mini DVD re-order!”

Jane Olney
OT Studios in Whittier, CA – USA

The Burial Plot in Denver, CO

“We got the cd today! Thank you for everything! They look great! We will be the ordering soon! ”

Rob Denver
The Burial Plot in Denver, CO – USA

Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries in Boerne Texas

“I wanted to say that I am very impressed with how everything went ahead so smoothly. We received everything that you promised to us in a very fast turnaround considering we are literally on the other coast of the United States! Jerome will certainly release another Blu-Ray for 2013 and we look forward to working with you again next year!”

Asaf Blasberg
Asaf Blasberg Productions / Medici Classics Productions LLC in New York, NY – USA

Opie gone Bad Another Christmas

“Another thing about the CD. They were being produced on the east coast, and because of Hurricane Sandy, we were going to miss getting them by the deadline to get them in stores for the holidays. Morris Beegle and his partners at Pressing Media bent over backwards for us, and got the CDs ready in a matter of days so that we could pick them up in L.A. I’ve known Morris for many years, and nobody is more committed to making local music happen than that guy. We are lucky to have him in our community, and there are a whole lot of needy folks this year that will benefit because of what he did for us on a moment’s notice.”

Jake Schroeder
9NEWS in Denver, CO – USA

Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries in Boerne Texas

“We got our shipment of DVD duplicates and they look wonderful!!  Thank you so much!”

Barbara Decker
Hill Country Daily Bread Ministries in Boerne, Texas – USA

Super Oldies

“Thank you Pressing Media! Everything received and in great shape. (The items for the previous “Buried Treasures” release in 2009 had considerable damage, a different factory was used). I was 100% pleased with the job done on every aspect of the project and the quality of the final result. Thanks again for your help with it, and as soon as I recoup, I’m ready to go with another similar product. ”

Shawn Nagy
Super Oldies – Duluth, MN – USA

 The A-Oks

“We got our CD’s, had our release party and everything was great!”

Nicole Orts
The A-Oks in Denver, CO – USA


“I picked them up yesterday – everything looks fantastic! Thanks so much for being so hands on with this process and ensuring that my product would come out well.  My CD release party is tonight and everyone has said wonderful things about the artwork and how the printing came out, so thanks again!”

Alexis Valauri-Orton
Charlotte, North Carolina – USA

Live Bolder Run Boulder

The shipment arrived yesterday mid-day. Thanks so so so much for all your help in getting these to me so quickly! It’s a big help to have them a week before I leave town. Thanks again. Blessings!”

Ron Bostwick
DICK’s Sporting Goods in Boulder, CO – USA

Guillaume Sanje-MPacko

“I just received the shipment and playing the CD as I write. The digipack looks very good! I want to thank Serge; Kelly and the people of Pressing-Media, for delivering a great product in such an impossible schedule. Blessings!”

Guillaume Sanje-MPacko
Redmond, WA – USA

Christmas With Immanuel

“It would seem the CD has become a hit! I’m very pleased with what has come of the project and we can’t thank you enough! Have a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year! ”

Tim Pomeroy
Immanuel Lutheran Church & School in Loveland, CO – USA


“Know that we’ve both been extremely impressed with how helpful you’ve been, and the degree to which you’ve really tried to accommodate our deadlines, while trying to save us money too.”

Joshua Stamper
Sounds Familyre in Clarksboro, NJ – USA

Hu Ra

“Just want to send a big thank you to you and your team in Santa Ana for doing such a great job on my CD reproduction, and getting it out in such a timely manner. The museum shop in San Francisco got them just as they were selling out the last of my CD’s from our previous run, so just in the nick of time! Really, your extra push made a big difference for me. Plus the sound quality is excellent – I just listened to a new disk – and the booklet reproduced beautifully. All the colors are just right.”

Jim Berenholtz
Hu Ra Records – Berkeley, CA – USA

Poe Jazz The Lou Malandra Trio

“Thank you for the great job! The communication from your group was the best.  I trust you, fellas. We’ll have another CD coming in the next couple of weeks.”

Lou Malandra
ALM Productions & Recordings in Littleton, CO – USA

People Mover

“Thank you for the follow up – yes, I am very happy with the DVD print and service. The customer service especially was outstanding. I have never worked with anyone that keeps me so well informed. I would without a doubt work with Pressing Media again!”

Birgit Nyeholt
Diversified Systems Group Inc. in Redmond, WA – USA

Generation Waking Up

“Thank you so much for your patience, cooperation and support during this process for our Kickstarter packages. We were so green to this process and you really held us through it in an extremely supportive way. I really appreciate it!”

Piya Banerjee
Generation Waking Up in San Francisco, CA – USA

Stepframe Interactive

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for all of your help during this crazy project. I apologize for all of the headaches! Looks like we made it through! We sincerely appreciate everything you’ve done. Thanks again!”

Chad Langford, Owner
Stepframe Interactive in Richland, WA – USA

Simply Christmas

“The package reached us safely yesterday. Everything looks great! Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas. My next project (prayerfully) will be Classic Hymns sometime during the Summer.”

Ren Merry
Greeley, CO – USA


“Pressing-Media, Just letting you know that the 50 cds arrived a couple weeks ago, as you assured me they would. thanks so much! I am expecting the 1000 cds to arrive today/tomorrow thanks again for all your help with this. Cheers”

Nanon Turner
New York, NY – USA


“Pressing Media – The discs look great! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery!”

Kevin Gentry
Anchorage – Fort Colins, CO – USA

Laurel Records

“I have been working with Pressing Media for over 7 years.  No one provides better service than the people at Pressing-Media.

I’ve tried several companies over the years and have always found that Pressing-Media do a superior job to all of them.

As the owner of a small independent label I also appreciate the truly personal service they provide. They go the extra distance to make sure that jobs are done correctly and on time. They’ve made me a very happy and loyal Pressing Media customer.”

John Gilbert, Ph.D.
Owner, Laurel Records from Berkeley, CA – USA

Grateful Crane Ensemble

“Thanks very much for putting our CD together–everyone so far is loving it!”

Soji Kashiwagi
Grateful Crane Ensemble from Pasadena, CA – USA

HalfBrother Sid

“We have never been more satisfied with any pressing company. Our products are always the best of quality and delivered on time. I highly recommend Pressing-Media and would never go anywhere else!”

Bobby Collins
Owner, Spectra Records from Charleston, SC – USA

Jacob Hungsberg

“Thank you for all your work over the last few weeks. I got the CD’s the other day and the finished product looks great, so thank you. Thanks again for your help and time!”

Jacob Hungsberg
Loveland, CO – USA

The Burden

“We received our shipment today. Just wanted to pass along thanks and excitement from myself and the rest of the band. The physicals turned out absolutely stunning. I’m blown away by the quality of the final product. Thank you so much for patiently answering all our questions and helping us meet our deadline. We can’t wait to get these into people’s hands. You will definitely be hearing from us again next time we need to re-order these, or do another project in the future!”

Ross Vanosch
The Burden in Prince George, BC – Canada

Laura & Levi Grizzlypaws

“We will definitely be doing future business with you! You are a great help and care for your customers. Much respect!”

Laura & Levi Grizzlypaws
Q’anim’enstumc in Lillooet, BC – Canada

Justin Labrash

“The CDs arrived!!! They look and sound INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you so very much for all your help with making this dream a reality for Justin!”

Laureen Labrash
Justin Labrash in Regina, SK – Canada

Danielle Knibbe Some Curious Birds

“Just wanted to say, the CD’s arrived this morning and they look great! Thank you so much for all your help – this whole experience has been amazing. I will definitely spread the word!”

Danielle Knibbe
Toronto, ON – Canada

Alpha Omega

“Thanks brother! We loved what you guys did on the first run and look forward to having you handle our next 1000 copies of the follow up Ep as well. This time I will have all graphics etc in your hands with plenty of lead time and thanks again for the rush job on the last round! Be well!”

ALPHA OMEGA-THE CONCEPT EP in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Federal Lights

“Just wanted to let you know we received the CD’s on Monday and they look great! Thanks for all your help!”

Pam McCord
Aporia Records in Toronto, ON – Canada

Little Dog in Ottawa

“CD’s are here, preparing the digital release with them, started the marketing, and premiering the disc this Friday in Ottawa. You folks did a fantastic job, from start to finish. You dealt so well with my constant screw ups and annoying questions that I had to send off an email giving you kudos to a job well done. All my future needs will be done by Pressing Media.

I left a five star rating on your facebook page with this: “INCREDIBLE service. Fast shipping, always on top of things, constantly in communication with me, stayed within my budget, and I got a great final product. Stop looking around and contact these folks. I was impressed by Pressing Media. 😉

Thanks again folks!”

Dan McDonald
Little Dog in Ottawa, ON – Canada

Nagar Kirtan

“Just wanted to let you know that the CD order has been received. Perfect timing! It was a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do more in the near future!”

Devinder Singh
Guru Nanak Spiritual Center in Burnaby, BC – Canada

Eric Harper Music

“I never wrote back to thank you for sending me the extra 1000 CDs. I got everything ok and the CDs are great. Thank you for being so professional about the whole situation and helping me solve the problem in an quick and easy manner. I’ll definitely be telling all my other musician friends to go through your company for CDs in the future!”

Eric Harper
Eric Harper Music in Victoria, BC – Canada

Laureen Labrash

“The dropcards look GREAT!!! Thank you!”

Laureen Labrash
Justin Labrash in Regina, SK – Canada

Maverick Cinema

“We just got the CDs today, they are perfect. Thanks so much.”

Marshal Dillabough
Maverick Cinema in Nanaimo, BC – Canada

Biologic Vet

“An excellent supplier is one that take the initiative and Pressing Media did just that, printing world is a crazy place but you went above and beyond for GFR, THANKS!”

Leah Campbell
GFR PHARMA in Maple Ridge, BC – Canada

Queen City Kids

“Perfect.  You did a fantastic job for us.  Thank you!”

John Donnelly
Queen City Kids in Vancouver, BC – Canada


“I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work throughout the whole printing process. Your professionalism and punctuality is not overlooked and I appreciate everything you did to accommodate this project. I received the CD’s today and I am beyond happy with the results of the printing. The quality of the images and the masters are spot on. I am extremely happy and will be returning for any and all business I have in the future!”

Calvin Heinrichs
Montreal, PQ – Canada

Corey Primus

“Chris and the team at Pressing Media were helpful and engaged from beginning to end, ensuring that we were on track for the production of my new CD, Something’s On Fire. A positive experience.”

Corey Primus
Abbotsford, BC – Canada

Isle Of Spice

“Thank you for the door to door service! The shirts are beautiful!”

Sandrene Redhead
Grenada / Canada Social & Cultural Association in Calgary, AB – Canada

Nadine States

“Our experience with Pressing Media was top notch from start to finish! Your pricing was reasonable and competitive. Your art department was completely responsive to our requests, and made revisions promptly and accurately. The finished product looked absolutely perfect. And receiving our product a week ahead of schedule was an unexpected bonus, too!”

Jhan & Darrell Mayes
Nadine States in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Nadio Douglas

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for all your efforts! Your company has truly outdone itself with my project! I needed 500 CD’s within a week, and Pressing Media absolutely delivered!  I had oodles of updates so I was always aware of where they were in the process.  I knew exactly when my CD’s were being shipped, and when they would arrive!  Their customer service is second to none, and I have to say Chris and Kelly were truly fabulous! Thank you Gentlemen! Pressing Media did an unbelievable job with my CD’s, and I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you so so much! Cheers !”

Nadia Douglas
Winnipeg, MB – Canada

Joe Wiseman

“The CDs arrived today – really fantastic service! I am presently listening to one of the CDs – sounds really good. Artwork is also fantastic.
Thanks for all of your professional guidance. I will definitely be using Pressing-Media again!”

Ted Stuckless
Management Support Services in Conception Bay South, NF – Canada


“It all went well, they look and sound good! Very impressive!
Definitely looking forward to doing more business with you and will refer others!”

Olusegun Akinlolu
EnioBanke in Ottawa, ON – Canada

2 Days & Counting

“The customer service at Pressing Media was excellent and quick to answer any questions or concerns. The pricing was good, the turnaround was rapid, and our CDs look absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!”

George T. Montebruno
2 Days & Counting in New Westminster, BC – Canada

Ostrea Lake

“We got the CD’s in today and they look and sound great – so I just wanted to say thanks for doing such an awesome job on them! Also – I appreciate the customer service you all provide, it has been by far the best and easiest experience working with a manufacturer I’ve yet to have! We’re very exited for the release of this album, and I look forward to working together in the future! Cheers!”

Julian Morrow
All We’ve Got Records in Halifax, NS – Canada

Logan Jones

“Just wanted to let you know my client got the CDs today (a little earlier than expected) and they were thrilled with how they looked – thank you for your help!”

Heather Sell
Bizbee Creative in Langley, BC – Canada


“I received my CDs. The results are great!”

Cody Robertson
Saskatoon, SK – Canada

Dog Day

“We really liked our last order. Nice quality CD’s and cases.”

Nancy Urich
Fundog Records in West Pennant, NS – Canada

Alyssa Baker

“Just to close the loop, the CD’s arrived on Wednesday and everything looks and sounds great. Thanks for all of your help throughout this process. Next time, I will know so much more!”

Christie Baker-Smith
Vancouver , BC – Canada

Smiling Politely

“We received the disks yesterday, they look great.

Thanks again for all your work.”

Preston Babey
Regina, SK – Canada

Jocelyn Pettit Band

“Many thanks, The CD’s arrived safely and we were so happy to have some in time for the France tour!  All your help and efforts are very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Best Wishes!”

Jocelyn Pettit
The Jocelyn Pettit Band in Squamish, BC – Canada

Violin Masterpiece

“Congratulations! Great job! For next project we will work together for sure !”

Catherine Francon
Ruben Koseyman in Montreal, QC – Canada

Outskirts Central Music

“I love the hats and tees!!!!  The product looks exceptional.
Thanks for making sure they look so great!!!”

Tamara Nile
Outskirts Central Music in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Amy Dodington

“I would like to tell you that my experience with Pressing Media was excellent.  You negotiated a very good deal for me (and continued to work on my behalf to make modifications and to get my order to me in time for my launch without extra costs).  You answered my emails and phone calls very promptly throughout the process, and you gave clear instructions/explanations that were essential for me, a first-time CD producer!  The CDs are excellent and turned out exactly as I expected them to be, based on the hard-copy proof I approved and the master recording I sent.

Thanks again for your hard work and attention !”

Amy Dodington
Toronto, ON – Canada

John Michael Lind

“I received my CDs today and they look and sound great. Thanks for your help, and I’d like to give a big thanks to customer service as well for all the speedy and excellent help through the process. I’ll be back! Thanks again !”

John Michael Lind
JML Music in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Charlotte Wrinch

“It’s been a pleasure working with you!

Pressing Media was recommended to me by another singer-songwriter who regularly uses you for his album manufacturing, and dealing with you every step of the way has been top notch; from your pricing, to your personalized service, professionalism, and the timeliness and quality of your final product.

You guys are great, and I plan to return for my next album.

Thanks and best wishes to everyone at Pressing Media!”

Charlotte Wrinch
GIbsons, BC – Canada


“Received the CD’s yesterday, awesome awesome quality! We are all very stoked on the product! Thanks plenty, it was great working with you!”


Cody Buhler
Submerge in Edmonton, AB – Canada

Still Remains

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for your company’s brilliant work on the Still Remains project. I have been a designer for around 13 years and have had my projects pressed at numerous places, but I can say with great confidence that your printing far surpasses any other place I’ve ever printed with. My biggest thing that I look for in printing is sharpness in small fonts (anything under 6pt) because a lot of times these bands have lots of thanks you’s, credits, or legal jargon to put into their booklets and I have never had a good experience with any text printed super small. It either comes out grainy and/or blurry, or sometimes the companies will even remove it and not print it at all!


This is only one of the things that impressed me out of a long list of top quality elements that were included in the packaging. The binding was tight and the pages were seamless, the disc-face was nice and sharp looking, and all in all the printing was absolutely brilliant. I will be recommending your printing shop to everyone.  You have been awesome to work with and have always been willing to help and answer my questions – but EVEN MORE now, will I be recommending Pressing Media to everyone I come across.”

Kevin Moore
Cre8ed Sales & Marketing in Kelowna , BC – Canada

Urban Roots Festival

“Everything was perfect!! It all arrived quickly and the customer service rep is a rock star for dealing with me and my stress!!!

He helped me with an impossible deadline and inexperience!!!  Thanks to you guys the flags were a huge hit!! Everyone loved the graphics!!!

You will here from us again next year, but with lots of time!!  I cannot thank you enough!”

Tara King Cohen
Urban Roots Festival in Toronto, ON – Canada

Rock N Roll Rats

“Just listening to the CDs now. They’re GREAT! PERhaps some extreme audiophiles might notice something but to me they sound absolutely amazing. And the quality of the printing is unbelievable. I’m very very happy with everything. And all of the customer service that you guys offered to us at pressing media was definitely be on the call. It was awesome doing business with you and let me guaranteed you that we will be doing business with you in the future very soon and looking forward to it. Cheers and thanks to everybody on your team.”

John Wenkoff
The Rock n Roll Rats in Langley , BC – Canada


“We got our CD’s! Perfect timing! Thanks again for everything. You were a pleasure to deal with 🙂 ”

Brandon Jansen
Kickupafuss in St Albert, AB – Canada

Elaine Shepard

“Thank you all! I have received the CD’s and they look great. I appreciate all the work put in. Will let you know when I need a reorder!

Much love!”

Elaine Lil’Bit Shepherd
Richmond, BC – Canada

The Klez

“We want to thank you and your team for all your kind and patient help. We are very pleased with the results you sent to us! The cd is fine, and the cover looks exactly as we planned it.”

Barbara Pedrick Blied
The Klez in Victoria, BC – Canada


“The CD’s look great thank you very much! We’re just finishing up the art work on the new one so I’ll be in touch again soon.”

Cameron Dilworth
Vancouver, BC – Canada


“Your company is always the first I recommend for customer service!”

Jef Kearns
Soul Flute in Toronto, ON – Canada

Next Year People

“I received my order this morning, and it all looks beautiful!  I couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!”

David Blake
David Blake Jazz in Vancouver, BC – Canada

G3 Genuine Guide Gear North Vancouver

“I received the GITW DVDs last week and they look great! Thanks so much for your attention!

All the best!”

Elza Kephart
Midnight Kingdom Films in Montreal, PQ – Canada

G3 Genuine Guide Gear North Vancouver

“Just got the books, VERY NICE! Looks awesome. Thank you for a quick turnaround and a wonderful job!”

Pooya Torabi
G3 Genuine Guide Gear North Vancouver, BC – Canada

Jarrett Lobley

“Touch down! Both the stickers & CDs look great! I tested one out and it was good. Thank you again!”

Jarrett Lobley
Winnipeg, MB – Canada

604 Records

“The totes look great! Thanks so much!”

Kyra Wittkopf
604 Records in Vancouver, BC – Canada

You Are An Explorer

“Just wanted to let you know, I received the discs the other day, and they look fantastic! We’re really happy with the finished product and thank you again for all your help!”

Michael Sifeldeen
You Are An Explorer in Edmonton, AB – Canada

Fast Track

“My boss, as well as all of our staff members, were impressed by the quality and speed of production. I can say with great confidence that we will definitely be placing an order with Pressing Media in the near future. Thanks for the great customer support and prompt delivery. Our shipping deadlines were met, and our customers received their goods on time.

You’ll be hearing from me again soon!”

Ernest Cheung
Fast Track Group in Abbotsford, BC – Canada

Lucid Afterlife

“The CDs are great and put together nice – we will be coming back soon!”

Nathaniel Jack
Lucid Afterlife in Three Hills, AB – Canada

Dennis Tsang

“Thanks for making this happen before Christmas.  Truly appreciated! Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!”

Dennis Tsang
Richmond, BC – Canada

Gorgeous Georgia's

“The cards are great. Also Pressing Media was really really awesome to deal with. Truly a breath of fresh air!”

Brittany Griffith
The Co-operators in Penticton, BC – Canada

East Van Digital

“Everything looks (and sounds) great, very happy with the results, and will be doing this again for future projects. Thanks!”

Joseph Martin
East Van Digital in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Three Sun Sea

“Our CDs arrived yesterday and I am so thrilled. They look fantastic! Thanks again for the killer product and excellent customer service. I will definitely be giving you my bushiness in the future and a shall be recommending Pressing Media to fellow musicians. Thanks Again!”

Alex Lakusta
Edmonton, AB – Canada


“Just wanted to thank you again for all your help. Hopefully we weren’t being to stubborn with our requests etc. Everything looks great!”

Nick Karch
Thornhill, ON – Canada


“The albums looked great we were all very happy with the product.
We’re just about ready to order another batch!”

AJ Ottaway
Burnaby, BC – Canada

Fall Brigade

“The T-shirts are great! Thank you so much for your service. We will definitely be using your company again in the future. Thanks!”

Esther Scott
Fall Brigade in Victoria, BC – Canada

Jody Quine

“Thank you so much for my CD’s, I just LOVE them!”

Jody Quine
Vancouver, BC – Canada


“It all came together splendidly. Thanks for getting it done for us in such a short period of time!”

Jason Zerbin
Edmonton, AB – Canada

Pasteur Jeremy Sourdrill in Quebec

“Oui je suis désolé je voulais vous écrire pour vous remercier de votre professionnalisme! C’est très bien merci !! Je garde votre adresse 😉 À bientôt!”

Jeremy Sourdril
Ministères EnseigneMoi in Bromont, PQ – Canada in Calgary

“The T-shirts look great! I’ll definitely be coming back to you once I sell through this batch. Thanks again!”

Steve van Kampen in Calgary, AB – Canada

Misquito Dick

“Thank you for the great quality of CD’s you produced for MOSQUITO DICK. The music is crystal clear and an authentic true sound of the musicians vocals and instruments. Great job!!! Also you guys did a great job on the graphics and colors for artwork on the CD eco wallets.

Thank you again, MD looks forward to working with you again in the future!”

Ralph Mintenko
Mosquito Dick in Burnaby, BC – Canada

The Halibuts T-Shirt

“Thank you very much! We love our shirts and we love you! Please send my best regards to your entire team for making this process so easy. Great printing & incredible quality! 200%!”

The Halibuts Team
Sherri Evans / Alex Liu in New Westminster, BC – Canada

The Burlesque Assassins Dance Series

“Heard back from the producer on the road; the DVD’s are fantastic! Thanks for checking up!”

Micheal Jones
Joe Media Group in Calgary, AB – Canada

Nature Path Foods

“Thanks so much for getting that done in time for us. We may have another one for you next week!”

Suzanne Bryce
Nature Path Foods in Richmond, BC – Canada

Falling Edge

“Got the CDs on Monday and showed them to the band last night. Everyone is very happy with the final product. You guys did a great job!”

Chris Rupert
Falling Edge in Chatham, ON – Canada


“Hi Chris – You are the man. I have 500 records in my house and we leave tomorrow. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Eric Davis
Pompadoors in Langley, BC – Canada

Vanilla Forums

“I really appreciate you going the extra mile here. You guys continue to deliver solid customer service, and we’ll be ordering from you again in the future! :)”

Tim Gunter
Vanilla Forums in Montreal, PQ – Canada

The FOx 99.3 FM

“Pressing-Media has been an efficient and effective supplier assisting us with the production of our most recent compilation CD and download cards.  Guidelines were clearly communicated to help us receive our products by the required date and we received the appropriate assistance throughout the order process.  The quality of the products look and sound fantastic!”

Alaina Galati, Promotions Director
99.3 The Fox in Vancouver, BC – Canada


“Wow! That is awesome! I am so impressed with the service thus far!! Very glad that I found you guys! Wow.”

Mike Weber
Mijawe Media in Moosejaw, SK – Canada


“The CD’s look fantastic and I can’t thank you enough for getting them to us before our show.  You guys were great all the way through this whole process and I will definitely suggest your company to my music friends.  Please send my gratitude to everyone on the team!”

James Atin Godden
Toronto, ON – Canada

Rockin' Don Lockwood in Port Alberni, BC

“The Package just arrived 10 minutes ago. I opened it right away. The art work went on just as I had hoped. I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS and thank you ! ! ! ! ”

Rockin’ Don Lockwood
Port Alberni, BC – Canada

Wild Nothing in Vancouver, BC

“Just wanted to shoot you a message thanking you for the great work with those DVDs. They look great and they showed up on time at a good price. Looking forward to working with you again. All the best in 2013!”

Adrian St. Louis
Miami Device in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Live at the BRB Generations

“Thank you for doing a great job…I got the CD’s and they look awesome!”

Kevin Bendig
Live at The Big River Bar in Saskatoon, SK – Canada

Magic Carpet Ride

“I was really happy with the last run you did for me of our new CD ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ which we won a Parents Choice award for, so will keep working with you guys for future runs. Love all the recycled enviro options you provide.”

Nancy Bradshaw
Joy Filled Productions in Vancouver, BC – Canada

D Rail

“This was my first time having my album pressed through Pressing Media. Kelly Warren and the team were very accessible and helpful. I would highly recommend them .”

Darrell Shibley
D RAIL in Belcarra, BC – Canada

Barry Muir California

“Great printing job on the California CD digipacks. Much Appreciated!”

Barry Muir
Richmond, BC – Canada

Kingmixers Riding With Mr Blues

“Big thanx for your work on our CD “Riding With Mr Blues”. You did a great job!”

Gary Preston
The KingmiXers in Victoria, BC – Canada

Les Saisons

“Awesome job and service! You got another project from me in your hand already (AJEFA l’abus envers les aînées)

Continue your great job! Thanks again!! ”

Geneviève Tardif
L’Uni Theatre – Edmonton, AB – Canada

Trevor Layton

“I got my shipment and just wanted to say the discs look awesome!! Beautiful colors, high-quality packaging and the print is crystal clear on both disc and case. Again, thanks so much! Come time for the next album, I’ll definitely be back!”

Trevor Layton
Delta, BC – Canada


“Thank you Pressing Media! That initial run turned out amazing and was really well received. We were looking for a great platform to promote our game and the dvds with cases worked out great for us. I’ll be sure to remember you guys the next time we need to do another run of DVDs for our future projects. Thanks for your help!”

Luke Takeuchi
Vancouver, BC – Canada

Wilder Than We

“We have received our CDs and they are great! I just wanted to say that it was a real pleasure working with you and the rest of Pressing Media. I’m sure I will be talking to you soon with future projects.”

Kurtis Cockerill
Edmonton, AB – Canada


“Everything looks good!  Nice clean product.  No complaints and they arrived earlier than expected.

Thanks again!”

Lukas Productions in Toronto, ON – Canada

Paul Filek

“The album is awesome! I’m pumped! It turned out great! I wish that I had done this eco-cardboard sleeve sooner. Two boxes of 500 instead of 5 big boxes of 200! So much better for touring!”

Paul Filek in Vancouver BC – Canada

Sexy House Fridays

“The tickets came out perfect! Gonna order a batch or two again in couple of weeks! Thanks so much!”

Robert Yun, Promotions Director
Status Nightclub – New Westminster, BC – Canada

Ministry Of Health

“Thanks for checking in.  I was very happy with the services your team provided.  We received a great product from you guys, and I will be sure to contact you in the future if I need to order more of the CDs.”

Hilary Wheeler
Ministry Of Health in Victoria, BC – Canada

Craigs Actions Photography

“All the units made it to where they were supposed to on a 3 day RUSH! Thanks huge!”

Craig Minielly
Craigs Actions Photography in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Mike Luno Band

“Thanks for a great job on the CDs – they sound and look excellent, and were ready on time! Thanks for your work on this, and I hope to work with you again in the future!”

Mike Luno Band – “Get Inside”
New Westminster, BC – Canada

FME Desktop

“We have received our DVD’s on time. The colors are nice and vibrant, and the final product looks great! Thank you for your sevices!”

Jara Bertrand
Safe Software Inc. – Canada

Lori-Ann Latremouille

“I just wanted to let you know we received Lori-Ann’s CD’s this evening. They look GREAT!!! Thank you for sorting it all. Lori-Ann loves the CD she’s already sold 7 this evening. We will certainly be back for future projects, re-prints of this CD and will definitely mention Pressing Media to other musician friends who need CD’s done. Thank you again for your help.”

Latremouille – Deep Water in Vancouver, BC – Canada


“Thanks again for the great service on our Vanthems Vol. 1 project. We’ve had nothing but positive responses and I’m not just talking about the music. Pressing-Media’s quality and customer service was excellent!”

Jake Hicks
Titan Music Group, Surrey, BC – Canada


“Everything looks great and we are very satisfied with the print. Good job! Thanks!”

Stephanie Montano
FortisBC in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Burnaby Art Gallery

“Thanks, we were very happy with the service so we will definitely come back if we have another project. All the best, Theresa”

Theresa Carroll
Burnaby Art Gallery in Burnaby, BC – Canada

Louder Than Love

“Our samplers arrived in time for the grey cup and were a success! They turned out great. Thank you so much! I will be coming to you for another order very soon.”

Paul Lambert
Louder Than Love in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Bananafish Dance Orchestra

“Pressing-Media did a great job making sure that I got my order on time. They maintained great communication with me throughout the process, and completed my order flawlessly and had my order ready in time for my CD release even though we were pressed for time (no pun intended)!! I was a first time CD producer, and they helped complete the product exactly as I envisioned it. I highly recommend their services!”

Josh Gellman, Nanaimo, BC – Canada


“I wanted express how impressed I was with the information provided, services explained and final product received from Pressing Media and in particular the professionalism of Mr. Kelly Warren. I’m sure it was a relatively simply order in comparison to many you may receive but being the laymen here, there’s was no simplicity from our end. Kelly was very knowledgeable, explaining the details required in advance of the project and the Progress Updates via email, anticipated any questions I may have had. ”

Jay Homenchuk
Singleton Urquhart LLP in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Paul Filek

“Pressing-Media has gone out of their way to do follow ups with me to ensure that I remain a satisfied costumer.. and I must say I am a very satisfied customer and I will continue to work with them again in the future”

Paul Filek
Chilliwack, BC – Canada


“A big thank-you to you and you team for the CD production. I was impressed by your professionalism, service and the quality of the product I received. Feel free to use me as a reference!”

Stanis Smith
Stantec in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Innovative Fitness

“T-shirts look great – the images on the back turned out really well! Overall, very happy with the quality and level of service you provided; thank you again for all your efforts. We will definitely be using you again in the future. Really happy with everything. Thanks again!”

Graham Nordin, BKin
Innovative Fitness – White Rock, BC – Canada

Blonder Blonden

“Pressing Media – I have been meaning to call or write or send something on Facebook, to say thanks for all your help and hard work on our project. The CD turned out great!  We were all very pleased and have passed many on to family and friends whom are now enjoying it as well. Again thanks for the note and hope our paths cross again soon.”

Al Hurd
Vancouver, BC – Canada

Blackwood Partners

“I just received the voicemail regarding the extra two hundred complimentary disks and I am completely pleasantly surprised. It is not very often these days that someone extends such a kind gesture. ”

Michelle Mackay
Blackwood Partners in Surrey, BC – Canada

Blonder Blonden

“Just wanted to let you know that we received the CD/DVDs yesterday and they look and sound awesome! Thanks again for all your help and everything you put into making this product a success. And we may be reordering another 1000 before too long, so we’ll be in touch again for sure.”

Jeremy Roberts
Hungry For Life in Vancouver, BC – Canada


“My parents got the CD’s last week and they mailed them over to me (I moved 2 weeks ago) and I love them! They are awesome, thank you guys very much!  They are going over very well, and hopefully sometime in the future I will need more.  I hope things are going well with you.  Thank you for walking me through this process of my first album.  I hope I was as easy to work with as you were…”
Williams Lake, BC – Canada

Jasper Sloan

“I just received the shirts, they look great! Thanks for all of your help!”

Jasper Sloan
Vancouver, BC – Canada

The Left

“Right from the start, Pressing Media impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. We needed a high quality and speedy order and not only did they accommodate, they gave us the most competitive price.

From their user-friendly website to their helpful, knowledgeable & friendly staff, our experience with Pressing Media confirms to us that we don’t need to go anywhere else.”
Eric Davis
THE LEFT in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Glenna Garramone

“Thank you Pressing Media! I’ve been meaning to write to say thank you for the work you did on the album.  It looks great and everyone who has seen it so far agrees that it is a really beautiful package. Again – Thanks for all your help!”
Glenna Garramone
Vancouver, BC – Canada


“Thanks so much to you and your team for getting the discs delivered on time and without flaw. Safe to say that we are customers for life with service like that!”
Roy Benetti
Senticsphere in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Cool Aid

“We really want to thank you guys for putting a rush on this and we will be partners in many future projects.”

Regenerator Records / Jack FM in Vancouver, BC – Canada


Shore 104 FM

“The CD’s look amazing. We will be giving a bunch away starting tomorrow.”

Rob Calder
Secret Study / Shore 104 FM in Vancouver, BC – Canada

Safe Software

“Pressing-Media, I forgot to let you know that we have received all the DVD’s on Monday. Well ahead of schedule. Thank you so much! I will keep in touch for our next release which will be next year.”

Jara Bertrand
Safe Software Inc. – Canada

Land of Deborah

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for all your help with my CD. It looks great! You’ve been so generous – I’m lost for words. One day I’ll meet you and thank you in person. I really do appreciate all the effort you put in making this happen for me. Once again, HUGE thanks!.”

Land of Deborah, Vancouver- Canada