Replicated CD Pressing in Clear Poly Sleeve

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Showcase your vibrant 300DPI photo-quality disc printing in Premium Clear Plastic “Poly” Sleeves with Flaps.

CD manufacturing has never been easier! Pressing Media’s CD plastic sleeves are the perfect CD cases as they are lightweight, durable & cost effective.

Replicated CD pressing from a glass master with full color CMYK print & white flood inserted into clear poly sleeve with tuck flap. Our in-house manufactured full-size CDs in clear poly sleeves are printed to industry standard with 100% vegetable-based inks on our top-of-the-line offset & silkscreen printers. Films, Prepress, PDF proofs & All Setups included. After the process of CD replication has completed, the CDs are assembled into clear plastic sleeves and are placed in double-wall construction cartons for maximum protection in shipping. Turn Time: 5-7 working days from artwork approvals. Exact quantity shipped. 0% Overs / Unders. No additional charges. Full replacement warranty offered. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

The discs are molded & pressed from scratch using a glass stamper with a diameter of 4.7 inches and then delicately placed into clear CD sleeves. Manufactured CD’s in plastic sleeve with flap are designed to hold up to 74 minutes of uncompressed stereo digital audio or about 650 MB of content on CD-ROM. Compact Disc Digital Audio in sleeves for CDs uses 16 bits per sample (44.1 kHz). Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA or CDDA), also known as Digital Audio Compact Disc or more commonly the “Audio CD”, is the standard format for audio compact disc manufacturing. The standard for CD pressing in clear CD sleeve is defined in the Red Book that contains the technical specifications for all CD formats: CD Audio, CD-ROM and Enhanced CD.

If you require pricing on CD replication in clear CD sleeves for a quantity not listed, want to know how to make a CD in CD cases, would like to know how CD’s are pressed or need to reorder, please give us a call for immediate assistance. We do not short ship and we do not charge extra. Only exact quantities will be pressed, simply packaged into clear CD sleeves & shipped on every order. Pricing does not include shipping costs. Day “0” is based on receipt of all assets and approvals before 12:00pm P.S.T on business days. Please allow up to 48hrs for our prepress department to download your artwork, file check, and send low-resolution reference PDF proofs for your final review. We reserve the right to refuse any artwork or master that does not meet our specifications for pressing CD’s in clear poly sleeves with tuck flap.

If you do not have a physical or final DDP master for replication or manufacturing Audio CDs in clear poly sleeves, add WAV Audio Creation to your order today and we will have our mastering department output a final PQ sheet for your review with the genre, album title, artist name, album UPC, pregap, gaps between tracks, ISRC codes, track titles & CD-Text. All of the metadata will be collected and sent back to you for your final approval prior to pressing your replicated CD discs in sleeves for CDs. Once approved, we will output a final Audio CD (DDP Master with MD5 checksum) ready for stamper creation & CD manufacturing.

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