Pressing Media out of southern California is a leading expert & direct manufacturer of usb, 4K uhd, blu-ray, cd, dvd, vinyl, print, packaging, apparel & custom branded merchandise. Pressing Media handles projects from as early on as the design or authoring stage all the way to the assembly of your final retail product. Our approach to our business has been encompassed with the values of integrity & the golden rule – to always treat others the way we would want to be treated. We attribute our success to delivering what we promise. We believe in the “old fashion” personal customer service that holds us responsible for the outcome of every order. We are excited to continue to build long term friendships and partnerships as one of the most successful manufacturers in North America. As advocates of Blu-Ray disc and high definition technology, with in-house glass mastering, over 20 replication lines, 11 printers and over 150 staff, we handle every project through to completion. Our state of the art UHD / BLURAY / DVD / CD replication lines, offset and silk-screen printers and custom packaging equipment run twenty four seven to produce millions of premium retail products every year.

Pressing Media offers a wide range of printing options for BD-R, CD-R & DVD-R including laminate printing, offset as well as silkscreen. Screen printing gives solid, bright, high-contrast colors, while offset printing gives a near-photographic quality and a

smooth finish. The print quality of offset sets the standard for optical disc printing in the medical, entertainment and promotional industries. Offset has become a preferred method for its quick set up, print speed, consistency, vegetable-based inks and waterless printing technology. Not everyone requires packaging, so here at Pressing Media we are very happy to provide you with BluRay, DVD & CD replication or duplication supplied in bulk. All of our replication lines and duplication equipment are enclosed in dust free, clean environments in accordance with Philips and Sony standards. All operated by our skilled technicians 24 hours-a-day, 7-days a week. Duplicated discs are printed with a full color CMYK laminate. Replicated discs are printed with either a spot pantone silkscreen print or full color CMYK offset print.

As one of the only manufacturing facilities to offer twenty four hour replication services, it’s not hard to see why Pressing Media is at the very center of technology & custom branded merchandise in the world today.

We know undoubtedly that our relationships with our clients are the reason for our unprecedented success. Thank you for trusting us with your business today!