Direct to Garment


Who uses it?
Top Artists and Corporations have been using DTG print for their events and concert merch as it delivers dynamic and dependable full color images with intense results. If you want your full color print images to get the attention and respect they deserve from your audience then DTG may be the choice to make!


What is DTG?

DIRECT TO GARMENT – Is a process for digital printing plastisol inks in CMYK 4 color process on apparel.

DTG is the perfect print method for testing short run or vibrant photo-realistic printing of full color images for corporate and artists apparel brands. If you are making promotional merchandise for your new project, this is the most modern way to print your designs.

Direct-to-Garment Printing, is a process very similar to paper printing. Instead of paper we use fabric. It was paper printing inkjet machines that inspired this printing process. The history of this technology began with injection printers, first introduced during the 1950s when they became common in every office. The result is a a fast print option that delivers the highest detail. The process can deliver a lasting high-quality print in only a few minutes.

What is required?
Optimized to be quick, efficient and consistent in a few basic steps, we can print up to 100 Tee Shirts per hour per line! For the best results we only use the highest-quality fabric-friendly ink, recommend 100% cotton fabrics and utilize state of the art pre-treatment machinery for heating the fabric prior to and during printing.

Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment vs. Screen Printing 

While there are comparisons between the methods used for direct to garment printing and screen printing, both techniques deliver different capabilities. With DTG the colors are printed using precise CMYK dots, rather than screen printing with its’ solid application of pantone inks.

DTG printing does not require the use of a screen, and can accept gradients of color, providing precise photographic detail. It also requires very little setup which allows a more cost-effective option for printing on demand.

DTG process involves three major steps:

  • Pre-treatment
    • Printing
    • Curing


We use a pre-treatment spray to ensure the ink bond with the fabric fibers allowing a vibrant finish.  Once the pre-treatment is complete the approved designs are sent digitally to the press and the treated garment is carefully loaded and flattened onto the platen.

For colored garments we apply an under base or flood print to make sure the colors pop. Once printed, the garment is ‘cured’ to help the ink set.  The garment is now ready for a wash and wear.


For best results we recommend 100% cotton apparel. Cotton material absorbs ink best, allowing more vivid colors to become embedded in the fabric for longer lasting results. Using 100% cotton garments with a tight weave is optimal.

Polyester blends can repel the water used in DTG printer ink. So in cases where the fabric is not 100% cotton, the apparel must be at least 50% cotton for proper absorption of the pigments in the ink.


Artwork must supply final art in vector or images at minimum 300 dots per inch resolution at print size.

Send over your artwork and we will prepress it to ensure that the files are press ready at the proper resolution and formatting before an order is placed FREE of charge. If files need conversion to vector, resizing, or creative, our in house designers Linda, Evan and Shannon are ready to help.

I hope this article is helpful. Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you.