Vinyl Record Manufacturing


We want your fans to feel the music in true 24bit, 192kHz pure audio and nothing less.

In order to manufacture your records with superb audio quality, we have provided the following suggestions to supply us the PERFECT master:

1. Keep away from processing effects that add presence, clarity, loudness or excessive limiting.

2. Make sure frequencies below 300 Hz are in phase using an elliptical equalizer.

3. Check master wav files with correlation meters & spectrum analyzers.

4. Clean up all inaudible signals using high-pass and low-pass filters.

5. Please don’t exceed the recommended length per side: 12” Vinyl Record / 33rmp = 21:59 (1 second less than 22 min)

6. Use de-essers and HF limiters/compressors for sibilants and high-frequency percussive sounds.

7. Remember that playback results should only be determined on high end manual record players and not auto-play turn tables.

8. Hidden bonus tracks, special effects and any special requests like endless grooves must be clearly listed in the special notes section of the vinyl premastering form required.

9. The most hard hitting bass, high fidelity or raw track should be the first track of the required side and never placed towards the end of the record.

Vinyl Manufacturing

VINYL RECORDS You will be prompted to upload your 24bit,192kHz (Side A and Side B) Vinyl Master Wav files in final form ready to press with no need for modification. These 2 wav files must be supplied by a professional Vinyl Mastering Engineer with the all necessary pre-gaps and songs in final form for test pressings. Premastering for Vinyl Recordings Form must be approved by your engineer only. Premastering for Vinyl Recordings form will be
available online when you place your order. We ask you to provide the name of your studio engineer as its vital only a professional vinyl engineer with many years of experience output your final 24bit, 192kHz Side A and Side B PERFECT WAV masters.

With Vinyl lacquers and cutting every cut is unique and truly an art form only done by the best of the best. For example, Nick Townsend who we use has cut 2000+ lacquers, takes particular pride in his work and makes sure that every lacquer is stamped with his initial of approval. Supplying a master with no pre-gap before track 1 on side A or side B with music starting at 00:00 would not be flagged as some artists prefer this. So it is very important that you and your engineer with experience go through every second of the final files you supply to us to ensure they are exactly as you intend.

Album Record Manufacturing

The Vinyl Premaster Form should be approved by your vinyl mastering engineer. I suggest they walk you through each choice on the form, so you can make informed decisions together. This information is then included with your master files and sent to the cutting engineer to output the lacquers and match it as best as possible. Not only are you responsible for the timing, but also for supplying the highest quality audio file suitable for manufacturing the luxurious sound that vinyl offers.

Other manufacturers will accept as low as 16 bit files, however we want only the best for you with no compromise to the true audio experience for your fans. We want to be very up front and transparent with you in advance, so you don’t have to be put in the position to spend extra money especially $1,100.00 + for new lacquers and tests which can really make your dream experience turn into a nightmare. Having an experienced vinyl engineer on your team is essential to your success. Feel free to put us in touch directly with your engineer, if you have any questions or need any assistance.