1. Artwork missing fonts or fonts are not outlined.

Make sure to outline your fonts during the design process, or supply your fonts with the design assets when they are uploaded.
For example to outline fonts in Illustrator select the text and right-click. A drop down menu will appear:


Select “outline” this will convert the text to curves.  If you are using a different design program there are many
tutorials that can point you in the right direction on how to outline fonts or convert text to curves.

2. Artwork is missing linked images.

Ensure that you include all linked images with your design assets. Every design program has a different way
to check this. QuarkXPress: Collect For Output feature. InDesign: Package command. Illustrator: use the links
menus to list all placed images in the document.

If you upload artwork that is missing linked images the art will not display correctly on our prepress computers
and will be rejected.

3. Image resolution (less than 300 dots per inch) or In RGB mode.

Resolution of your images is too low (less than 300 D.P.I or was supplied in RGB instead of CMYK color mode.
Ensure that you are doing your design in CMYK mode as this is the mode that all commercial printers use.
RGB is a color pallet used for web designs and television screens.


Ensure your images are CMYK and 300 dots per inch

Low-resolution images are pixelated, print fuzzy and void print warranty.







4. Insufficient bleeds / Print Margins.

Ensure that there is a 1/8″ of bleed (images extending past the cut lines of your template) this will allow for a
slight variance in the final cutting and keep white lines or inconsistencies off your final print items.

5. Artwork MUST be on our templates as a separate layer. Using Incorrect templates
for production will result in your files being rejected and possibly additional fees.

Printing is a very delicate and detailed process. A 1/100″ variance in a template can be all that stands between
a successful project and a less than favorable print once completed. We have all the templates you require
and will happily supply these to your designer: https://pressing-media.com/resources/artwork-templates.php


1-800-511-8171 ext 101 or sales@pressing-media.com