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"If you mail-out DVDs then let FlexDisc™ reduce your cost and environmental impact!"


Pressing-Medias newest offering is FlexDisc™, a revolutionary light weight, thin and flexible product designed to give direct mail markerters a huge savings advantage over the regular DVD formats.


FlexDisc™ is 40% lighter and only half the thickness of a regular DVD yet has the storage capacity and playability of a standard DVD-5. It's flexible and durable enough to be processed through the US Postal Services' sorting machines allowing it to be sent at the lowest rates. That coupled with its lighter weight makes FlexDisc™ a 'heavy-weight' when it comes to saving money.


The Benefits:

  • No change in content masters - Most importantly, there are no changes needed to take advantage of FlexDisc™. Nothing new, different or special - just supply your regular master source and Pressing Media takes it from there. It's that simple!
  • Flexibility - Discs are flexible enough to be processed by USPS letter sorting equipment allowing them to be classed as 'standard mail'. They can also be easily inserted in or attached to the front of magazines
  • Weight - At about half the weight of a regular DVD, FlexDisc™ saves on weight based shipping
  • Playability - FlexDisc™ has the same performance as a regular DVD and plays on all standard DVD players and drives.
  • Eco-friendly - It's estimated that billions of discs end up in landfills each year. By using only about half the plastic of a regular DVD and no chemical bonding agents, FlexDisc™ maximizes the impact of your message with far less impact on the environment
  • Target Market - Anyone incurring shipping costs for direct mailing of DVDs especially when offered as a free promotion etc. / Anyone offering software updates or drivers. / Anyone thinking about placing a DVD on or in a magazine or other publication such as books

Services Replication Flex Disc