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We are happy to announce that Pressing Media now offers BluRay Disc replication service.


BluRay DVD:

The name BluRay disc is derived from the blue-violet laser used to read the disc in a standard BluRay player. While a standard DVD uses a 650 nanometer red laser, BluRay uses a shorter wavelength, a 405 nm blue-violet laser, and allows for almost ten times more data storage than a standard DVD5.


BluRay disc offers the best high-definition video and sound experience to viewers. It has the most robust safe guard ever designed for mass-produced media to protect its content from unauthorized copying. This is called the Advanced Access Content System (AACS). All BluRay disc players must find a unique encryption key, encoded on each BluRay Disc title, in order to play that title. A disc without this special key will not play in any BluRay players. The key is applied to each disc in such a way that it can not be copied.


The AACS technology is unlike anything used before to protect digital content. It required the cooperation of major corporations from around the world to create it and to make it work. It also requires cooperation from all those involved in the production chain including the program content owner.


Program content owners (referred to hereafter as Content Providers) desiring to release their content on BluRay Disc must license themselves with the AACS Licensing Authority. There are two options - a one-time $3,000 license or an annual $500 license (annual license fees continue for 10 years). For most customers who only need a few titles replicated in a single year, the annual license is the best choice. A $0.04 per disc royalty applies to either option. Content Providers must become licensed to receive the Licensee ID Code necessary to make their BluRay disc titles.


To help you obtain your AACS license please follow the link below:

AACS Final Content Provider Agreement (720 KB)


We suggest that all of our clients consult their legal department to review the agreements and determine your best course of action.


Please submit two (2) original signed copies of the relevant pages to:



c/o AACS Administration

3855 SW 153rd Drive

Beaverton, Oregon 97006 USA


AACS will provide you with an invoice for the fees as outlined in Exhibit B of the agreement. Once your payment has been confirmed they will send you an executed agreement and your Licensee ID Code number. This process typically take 5-10 business days but it can be done in as little as one day depending on how quickly you can submit the completed documents and payment.


For questions please call either Justin or Veronica at the AACS. Their phone number is 503-619-0863.


Another requirement is that all BluRay disc source masters must contain a valid V-ISAN code. For information on getting these codes, click here.


You must have your AACS and ISAN Accounts registered, pay the applicable registration fees and obtain the Licensee ID Codes before Pressing Media can accept your BluRay disc orders.


Prices are subject to change, please check with your local agency for todays rates.

Pressing Media BluRay Bulk 2011 Pricing


Toll-Free: 1-800-511-8171 ext101