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Services: Offset / Screen Disc Printing

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Pressing Media offers optical discs with Offset, Silk Screen, or On-Disc-Digital Printing. Screen printing gives solid, bright, high-contrast colors.  Offset printing gives a near-photographic quality and a smooth finish. Digital Printing allows for variable data and smaller run sizes.


Services Disc Printing

Each process has its advantages. Offset is best for extremely high quality 4-color process printing which closely matches printed packaging. Silk screen is best for printing with Pantone inks in up to 6 colors when your corporate logo requires specific color or pantones. On-Disc-Digital Printing offers high quality and is economical for 4-color process runs using its variable print capability.


The print quality of offset sets the standard for optical disc printing in the entertainment & promotional industries. Offset has become a preferred method for its quick set up, print speed, consistency, vegetable-based inks and waterless printing technology.


Whether its blank media, duplication or replication for MRI's, X-rays, custom presentations or variable content, Pressing Media will hand hold your project through to completion and deliver the disc printing quality you are looking for.

Services Disc Printing

Digital proofs for color matching are available upon request. On large volume orders a printed check disc is included free of charge and is sent to you for approval before the run goes to press. These check discs are also available on smaller runs - please contact our sales department for more information.

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