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Services: Glass Mastering

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Pressing-Media provides you the latest in glass mastering technologies, a competitive advantage and peace of mind.
Take advantage of our in-house glass mastering labs in all of our locations across North America. Deadlines are met, lead time is shortened and your job is on press faster. We produce your glass stampers in state of the art, controlled environments, using the highest quality materials and equipment.  Security, anti-piracy and data handling is all done under strict regulation. All glass masters are thoroughly tested and eclipse reports are sent for any and all discrepancies.

Services Glass Mastering

Supported Formats:

  • CD Audio (Red Book) / CD-ROM (Yellow Book)/ CD-XA (Yellow Book Addendum)
  • CD-I (Green Book) / CD-Enhanced (Blue Book) / Mixed Mode / Multi-session / CD-I Ready / Video CD (White Book) / Disc At Once (DAO) / DVD-5 / DVD-9 / DVD-10 / Blu-Ray 25Gb / Blu-Ray 50Gb

Services Glass Mastering

Pressing Media enforces the IRMA Anti-Piracy Program. Customers must supply appropriate documentation showing their ownership or license to copyrighted program content on their order. This is referred to as the Intellectual Property Rights form or (IPR). Orders submitted that contain copyrighted material without permission to replicate it from the copyright owner will be declined or reported to appropriate enforcement organizations.

Services Glass Mastering

If you require any further information please do not hesitate contact our mastering department directly toll-free:

1-800-511-8171 or mastering@pressing-media.com.