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Pressing Media offers a vast selection of bulk packaging options for your projects. Choose from an array of custom or standard cases and sleeves:


Standard DVD Case

The Standard DVD Case

This DVD Case comes in a single or double CD/DVD holder and is just like the cases you get when you purchase a DVD in your local DVD store. The case comes with a clear outer sleeve to insert your DVD cover insert and tabs on the inside to hold other information or inserts.

DVD Multi-Pak

DVD Multi

Multi-Pak Albums look similar to the standard DVD album but carry more discs. Available capacities are 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 DVDs. These cases offer the most benefit for space savings and cost in a single packaging option.


Jewel Case

Jewel Case

This is the most popular of all the CD/DVD packaging options. You can select a Clear or Black CD/DVD Tray depending on what kind of Back Tray printing you have selected. You may also select a Jewel Case to hold, 1, 2 or 4 CD or DVD's depending on your project.



CD C-Shell, also called Clamshells, protection for your data and music CD's and DVD's. Simply insert the CD or DVD and snap shut; you can do it with one hand. The CD/DVD C-Shell, (clamshell), saves more postage than the cost of a standard Jewel Case. The C-Shell is virtually unbreakable.

Paper Sleeves

Mini & Full-Size Paper Sleeve

Display your CD with this attractive, lightweight, paper CD sleeve with window and flap. There is no need for additional printing; the customer can see the printed surface of the CD through a clear 4 inch polyethylene window. This is our least expensive form of CD/DVD Packaging.

Vinyl Sleeve

Vinyl Sleeve

Made from polypropylene, this sleeve holds one disc and one graphic insert. Safety-sleeve® protection. Guaranteed safer for your discs. Patented design offers premium protection with no lint or chemicals. Safety-sleeve® uses a unique, non-woven inner fabric to trap dirt away from the disc. Clear poly pockets let you view all contents Poly construction is 100% recyclable while the durable design preserves the optimum lifespan of the contents.

Vinyl Sleeve w/ Flap

Vinyl Sleeve w/ Flap
These versatile disc pockets provide great protection at a low price. Perfect for media kits, for presentation handouts or as additional mailing protection includes tuck flap to ensure the disc and print does not slide out.

Vinyl Sleeve w/ Adhesive Backing

Vinyl Sleeve with Adhesive Backing

Also comes in a variety of sizes for mini & business card CD and DVD. Crystal clear PVC CD sleeve designed to easily add a CD or DVD to any publication or file. Easy to use, peel and stick adhesive sticks anywhere and allows easy viewing and removal of the disc with a clear plastic window. The data side of the disc is cushioned and protected by Safety-sleeve® non-woven fabric that traps dirt away from the disc and actually cleans the disc each time it is removed or inserted. This tamper-resistant sleeve is perforated with lift-up style window for enhanced security. This adhesive sleeve requires hand insertion. For best results in combining a disc format to a book, magazine or other publication - this tamper-resistant, peel and stick product holds the disc securely with a lift-up window design. Safety-sleeve® material protects discs from damage that disrupts playback.

Mini Disc Vinyl Sleeves

Mini disc sleeves are crystal clear, thin profile, single disc cases. This small case is accommodating for a variety of mini and business card disc styles. These sleeves are ideal for communicating your promotional content in a media format. Providing an easy way to distribute your information in a profile that is thin enough to carry in you pocket.


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Assembly & Finishing

Pressing-Media's packaging department combines both automated packaging lines and custom manual assembly to offer cost effective packaging solutions from simple sleeve insertion to complex multi disc assembly. We have the capacity to package hundreds of thousands of retail products daily.


Various wrap configurations, top-spine labeling, sticker application, and product updating (reworking) are available. Assembly of peal and seal sleeves, mailers, serialized labels for individual address / date are also offered in-house. Pressing Media provides everything you need from kitting, assembly of displays, pick / pack and warehousing. Additional services include: bagging, heat shrinking, blister packing, thermo forming, bundle wrapping and palletizing.


Security and quality are ensured because Pressing Media does not utilize temporary labor to do packaging work & everything is inspected and signed off as it leaves the assembly line. All plant personnel are full-time employees who understand that teamwork, quality, discretion and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance.
Speak to our quality control department today for more information.


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