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Resources: How to Place Your Order

Upload Artwork

Before starting your order, please familiarize yourself with our standard terms and conditions.


Order Forms or Purchase Order: Do you have a Quote number (i.e. Quote 191919)?
Please talk to our sales department to secure a quotation number (for example 101010) and discuss all the details of your project, including shipping and deadlines if they apply. You will be issued a quote/order form at this time. Fill in your payment details, sign and fax or email it in. This will serve as a work order for your project and secure you a spot in our production cue. All assets must be supplied to allow the job to move forward, at this time the stampers and proofs will be generated.


Job Assets: All assets must be submitted for an order to officially begin:

1. Order Forms

Completed order forms or your company purchase Order including payment method.


2. IPR:

Intellectual Property Release Form (applicable proof of licensing if content is not owned by client). Pressing Media has an active Anti-piracy program. Customers must supply appropriate documentation showing their ownership or license to copyrighted program content on their order.


3. Content Masters

(2) production master and a back-up copy. Input media for glass mastering: CD-ROM, CD-Audio, CD-R, Exabyte tape, DVD-R, Hard Drives and DLT (Digital Linear Tape), BDR. It is imperative that you supply 2 copies of your content master. Never send your originals. Masters are considered to be received ready to manufacture. We expect clients to test and check the accuracy of their content in all compatible devices to ensure playability. This will ensure your finished product will be an exact match of the content you supply to us.


Supplying Digital Masters - For information on supplying masters digitally please click on the following link:


Supplying Digital Masters


4. BluRay Masters (For Replication)

Pressing Media utilizes the EclipseSuite tools from Eclipse Data Technologies to premaster and encrypt Blu-ray titles. In order to begin the production process, we request that you supply a BDCMF image. The authoring tools we're aware of that make this format are Sonic Solutions Scenarist, Sony Blu Print, and NetBlender DoStudio BD Authoring (there may be a few others).


Here is an excerpt from a slide showing the files that are inside a BDCMF. The files in bold are mandatory.














Important Note: If you are thinking about sending a playable BD-R as media for DUPLICATING ONTO A BD-R please read this: Most BD-R software is created using a format that is used for home movies (BDAV). This format is not suitable for replication because pre-recorded media needs to be in a BDMV format. BDMV has a different structure and we cannot convert a BDAV to a BDMV.


File Structure

UDF 2.5


5. Artwork files

For more information please click these links: design specifications & artwork upload


For Turn Times & other important details please see our Frequently Asked Questions or call our sales department today:


1-800-511-8171 ext 101 or email sales@pressing-media.com