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Resources: Artwork Upload

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Before you upload your artwork, please see our design specifications.


PLEASE also make sure to proofread all your text and layouts to ensure accuracy.

If you upload artwork that is not press ready, or you have changes that require new art files a $25.00 resubmission fee will apply.
Please ensure to check your art very carefully and that it is in final form, on our templates, ready for printing before you submit it to prepress.

  • If A BARCODE is needed DO NOT UPLOAD the files. Submit your signed completed order forms, and a FREE barcode will be sent to you prior to artwork being uploaded.
  • Create a folder on your desktop. Please name the folder ART (1xxxxx) <---- USE YOUR Quote/Order #.
  • Place your artwork design assets for each component of the project: insert, tray card, disc files, poster, etc. into the created folder.
  • Now compress using PC - win-zip or MAC - right click (old mac) or control + click and "compress" (new mac)


PLEASE also ensure you organize your files in the folder clearly. If you upload a compressed folder with dozens of unorganized and/or unnecessary files, your project will be delayed.


If you have followed our artwork guidelines above and you are ready to upload your files now, please click here:

Upload Artwork Now

A notification will be automatically delivered to our customer service department once your compressed folder has been uploaded and they will follow-up with you at the earliest opportunity.