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Digital Download Cards & Distribution

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Digital Download Cards & Distribution

One of the best ways to promote your music is by using download cards as your marketing solution. Give fans something they want: digital access to your music, podcast, sermon, interview, or motivational speech through their computer, smart phone or media player. Hand them out at shows and street events, sell them or give them away in fun promotions. The choice to what you sell or give away is in your hands!  The best part is the content owner sets the retail amount and keeps 100% of the profits! Our hosting service includes a year’s worth of download capability free, a customizable download page, and a full color 15mil UV coated substrate card or seed card with unique or static codes.


Our digital download services include:

  • Download card manufacturing and fulfillment with unique codes.
  • Digital media hosting and delivery through our exclusive Dropcards platform.
  • Project management and customer service.
  • Custom landing page design and development


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