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3 Inch Mini & Card Shaped Discs

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3 Inch Mini & Card Shaped Discs

Pressing Media offers a wide variety of custom mini and business card CD & DVD’s for your promotional needs. Our most popular shaped discs are the Mini round CD (180MB) & Mini DVD (1.3GB). You can also choose from business card and hockey rink shaped CD’s with 35mb, 50mb and 80mb capacities. No cutting required as these are molded to shape on our replication lines. Discs are printed with either a spot pantone silkscreen print or full color CMYK offset print. We provide a wide variety of packaging solutions from simple clear vinyl sleeves to our popular line of eco-friendly wallets. All board products are printed full color (CMYK) on 100% recycled (FSC certified) stocks. Printed using waterless technology and vegetable based inks.


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