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February, 2012

Pressing Media – Professional, Secure, Tickets & Wristbands

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Professional Secure Event Tickets

These tickets are great for secure admission tickets to special events, flyers for club nights, event fundraisers, and more. Printed at 300 DPI on card stock, complete with foil security marks, UV sensitive watermaks.

Drink Tickets

These tickets are ideal for use as drink tickets (ie: 1 free drink, beer, wine, champagne, pop) food tickets (burger, hot dog) or any situation where you need a custom printed mini ticket.


Multicolor imprints, customized designs, bar codes, and a huge assortment of Tyvek, Plastic and Vinyl wristbands… all at the lowest prices in town!

Relax…at Pressing Media you are dealing with the right people. With 6 plant locations and a daily capacity of over 1,000,000 units, we’ve got you covered! Whether you need USB, custom apparel, CD, DVD, event banners, custom packaging, wristbands or professional tickets – We can get you the pricing,delivery and quality that your job demands!

Get it done right the first time – every time! Call us for today’s best price !

1-800-511-8171 x 101 or sales@pressing-media.com

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Band takes performance art to a new level and forgets critical detail!

I came across this video online, my only question is for such brilliant and nerdy guys they forgot the most important element.

To Identify themselves! Well I know they are OK GO ! and certainly they must have had a caption or a title in the official release, but what happens when your fans share it from the raw cuts ?
Maybe a logo on the car or on the helmets etc, that would give some CLUE as to who they are regardless of who shares this viral treat. I can’t imagine the amount of time or money that was sunk into this very cool project and yet  a CRITICAL DETAIL was missed. Thankfully one of your fans filled it in for me.

Love the video – Now I can tell people who you are so they can buy the record !!!!




Unbelievable DVD replication pricing

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