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July, 2011

Bringing Brand Loyalty with USB


Bringing Brand Loyalty with USB
Source: Chris Newton, Vancouver
Publication date: July 28, 2011

Every business needs loyal members to drive growth, ensure stability and continue success. That is one of the main reasons why Pressing Media offers direct USB manufacturing and printing to help your business bring brand loyalty to your clients.Whether you are the owner of a small company, the marketing manager of a fortune 500 company, a Church minister or a supplier for a large hospital, it’s your job to make sure you are reaching your clients economically and efficiently. 

When implementing direct sales, attending conferences, trade shows or corporate events; it’s ultimately important to make as many lasting impressions for your products and services as possible. 

A lot of my client’s at Pressing-Media have been experiencing remarkable results with printed USB Keys; these economical items are gifts your clients can use for years to come. Pre-loaded with your data, catalogue, sermon, pod cast, or whatever customized content you would like, the USB "is" the message!

USB Keys branded with your company logo are a unique portable way to deliver large amounts of information securely to your target consumer. Create better clients through this educational media tool that is certain to make the right impression, with its high perceived value. Your target consumer will know that you are a solid business that can take care of their needs. With hundreds of models, colors and capacities to choose from; maximize your results today with a fun, highly valued gift your consumers can tell their peers about and most importantly re-use themselves.

All USB drives include a 1 to 4 color imprint or laser engraving, bulk packaging and up to 10Gig of preloaded data. Rush orders may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis, however, our standard turn time without additional rush fees is 12-15 business days from artwork approvals.

To find out how our custom USB products can deliver your marketing objectives within your budget today call:
Toll-Free: 1-800-511-8171 or email: sales@pressing-media.com

www.Pressing-Media.com "You can trust us to do the job for you"

Pressing Media new music opportunities








Pressing Media new music opportunities
July 5, 2011
Kelly Warren

One of our mandates at Pressing-Media is to promote and assist local artists where and when we can.
Here are a list of opportunities from one of my favorite sources. Music Xray. Best of luck everyone.

Remember – nothing ventured , nothing gained.


Hit TV Show The Vampire Diaries Looking for music

The hit TV Show The Vampire Diaries is looking for new music. Music can range from eerie sounds to top 100 records NO INSTRUMENTALS FOR THIS SUBMISSION. Please only submit if you truly believe your song is a fit for the show. All submissions will be carefully reviewed.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

RnB, Pop & Soul Tracks for Ceelo, Olivia, Belle Amie (X-Factor), Cher Lloyd (X-Factor)

Need hit songs for my current projects, listed in the header of this post.

Good quality original tracks. Catchy un-obvious hooks.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity..

UMG Asia is looking for songs

Universal Music Group Asia (including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan) is looking for a low budget songs in different genres for their major artists release in worldwide. (except Hip Hop & heavy metal rock).

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Artist Submissions for Label Roster Consideration

Tim Jones

We accept submissions of original material for review and consideration. Send us your best song and we will listen to it and check out your Music Xray EPK if available. If we like what we hear we will contact you for the next steps.

With foresight, and industry expertise, our team guide the careers of our artists with a 360 degree approach to representation. Our in-house publicists work alongside the agents to maximise the media potential of our clients, and to promote individual projects and overall careers.

With Rise and Shine working alongside our media management contacts, our clients benefit from the shared knowledge of a larger network, thus expanding the overall career opportunities of our clients.

Using today’s digital media technology we are able to achieve worldwide release of our clients music to a vast audience. Our clients retain full rights over their creative assets, which in turn enables them to make future choices when the time is right.
Major Corporate Labels can be restrictive to the new Artist, and tie them down with contracts which are cut more in favour of the label.

At Rise and Shine Music we work on an investment and commission basis with our Artists, this can be on a flexible exclusive or non exclusive contract basis. At all times The Artists retains the rights to their creative works and benefits from our expertise in furthering their chosen career.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

LIGHT/MEDIUM TENSION & FEEL GOOD music needed for “OWN” network

We are looking for Light/Medium Tension & Feel Good music for a series on Oprah’s “OWN” network. Cues should be instrumental- approximately 1:30 in length and will be featured on a show titled Enough Already. A hoarding-type show that focuses on helping people create clutter-free lives. We are looking for emotional tension music to help convey the severity and struggles of this process. Uplifting feel good cues are also needed for big reveal movements. This is an exclusive deal and you can’t be signed to a label or publisher.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Seeking Unsigned Artists to Feature in High Profile Independent Film

Natasha Dubin-Collatos

Seeking artists to feature in an independent film being starred in and produced by a high profile client. The film features several well known actors and will most likely be making the film festival circuit in the coming year. My client would like to use new artists in the film which centers on a group of friends who come together after several years apart. Seeking artists similar to Band of Horses, Coldplay, Iron and Wine….think Garden State soundtrack. The song you submit does not necessarily need to be the one chosen for the film. We are more interested in finding the right artists.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Win Mastering of 3 tracks

Klavar is holding a competition. The best track, judged by a panel of 4 people, will win mastering from Klavar Studio of their Demo or EP, up to 3 tracks. They will also receive a review by 3 people of the panel for the EP/Demo.

All submissions will be judged on the 27th of July, and the winner announced on the 30th of July and contacted with further details.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Rock Workout Tunes Needed! Primal.FM

Primal.FM is the premier Internet radio station for workout music. We play ROCK, everything from The Doors to 3 Doors Down to Indie.

We are looking for songs that meet these requirements:
Professionally recorded. Hey we are a radio station! It can’t sound like it was done in a garage.

Must be Rock. Classic, Hard, Alternative, Grunge, etc. Metal? Sometimes, it depends. No death metal, please.
90 Beats per minute or greater. No exceptions.
Upbeat, solid rhythm.

Little to no swearing. Sorry, but Primal.FM is played in gyms & they won’t go for that!

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Interscope Records is looking for new music

Interscope Records Home of Eminem, Lady Gaga, B.O.B, Jessie J is looking for new music in the rock, pop, hip hop, and dance genres. All submissions must be recorded properly to be considered.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Song Critique Leading to Music Publicity Contract

BILL ARNOVICH President – Adele Media Relations

I am offering a no submission fee song critique to open up the possibility of engaging in a fee based pr campaign and more. If I like what I hear I will get back to you so that we can arrange a contract to help you with various needs in gaining exposure for you or your band. Please read more…

No matter what kind of music artist you are, no matter if you established or just starting your career you deserve affordable high quality, high profile publicity. Why pay more for the same media exposure when you can have it for less than you expect.
I would love to give your new record a listen. We secure high impact media coverage, tour support media, and are especially expert with gear endorsements, and tour sponsorships for established and emerging artists in North America.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

RadioBuzzD Submision Playlist – Rock and Metal

Send us your best Rock and Metal songs for consideration. If your music fits our format we will include it into our playlist. RadioBuzzD is a Licensed ASCAP, BMI AND SESAC online radio streaming website broadcasting worldwide. A portion of your submission fee will go towards Save The Children Fund.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Maori Music Publishing (UK)

Submissions should be made for these publishing considerations:

1) Suitability for Synchronisational Promotion;
2) Potential recovery of backdated “live” performance royalties;
3) Serious enquiries about arranging digital distribution through major outlets such as iTunes/Spotify/Napster etc…

We will refund all application fees IN FULL to all successful applicants that we accept for the opportunities listed above. All refunds will be handled directly through Maori to better facilitate the refunds.

We are a long established music publisher and independent label (est. 1980), specialising in helping new bands/acts earn money from their music through Synchronisation (Film/TV/Media usage) and the recovery of “live” performance royalties.

As a non-specialist label, we are always interested in hearing from bands/acts who have either released material for sale/download or been playing “live” regularly over the past 12-36 months and have no current publishing arrangements in place.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

TM101 Radio- Independent Hip Hop and R&B

We are looking for the best Hip Hop and R&B music. Please submit only your best tracks for Airplay consideration on TM101 Radio. Tracks do not have to be radio edited. Also please make sure your music is properly tagged and titled via the ID3 tags.

TM101 Radio is an Internet Radio Station that plays only Independent Hip Hop and R&B 24/7-365. I am in charge of selecting all music that gets played on TM101 Radio to satisfy our 10,000+ monthly listeners in over 150 Countries.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Booking music act for Bar Backroom

Donald O’Finn Booking agent – Freddy’s Bar

The Backroom of one of the Best Bars in Brooklyn is looking for music act, we do not pay, pass the hat ok, No Cover.

I book acts for a small local venue in Brooklyn New York. The new backroom is a small, multi-use space with concert-hall sound. We seek original art & artists for performance opportunities. The new backroom is a small, multi-use space with concert-hall sound. We do not pay. We are 21 and over only!! Passing the hat is no problem The performance space is separate from the bar! You should have an autonomous pull or you easily may perform to an empty room. We never do a cover charge or drink minimum. You should have an autonomous pull or you easily may perform to an empty room.

I need a brief PRESS WORTHY music description.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity.

©2011 Music Xray

Pressing Media: Planning your Release








Pressing Media: Planning your Release
Source: Kelly Warren, Vancouver
Publication date: July 5, 2011


Here at Pressing Media, you would be amazed how often I get a phone call like this:

“We’re almost finished mixing our songs and we have a release party booked for next weekend.

How fast can we get our CDs made?” Unfortunately this scenario happens all too often, and it’ the reason why I decided
to share a few thoughts about it.

Don’t book your CD release event until you’ve got your CDs in-hand and you’ve given them your stamp of approval,
because having a CD release party without CDs is a disaster. If you’re organized and well-prepared, the CD
manufacturing process can be surprisingly quick, but you have to be ready for potential delays such as graphic design
issues or even data flaws in your content master. I certainly can’t fault artists for being excited about unveiling their shiny
new CD , but many times that excitement causes the artist to overlook important planning details.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your CD Release Party is supposed to be the first time that anyone sees or hears your
CD. Why do major record labels and movie studios promote their new releases in advance of actually releasing them?
Imagine a big blockbuster production silently appearing in stores or theatres without the benefit of advertising, artist
interviews, rave reviews, public appearances and press junkets. If the release isn’t hyped in advance by promotion,
who is going to know about it? Who is going to care? Who will be lining up to buy it? The same thinking applies to
your CD release party.

Your CD is only new once, so take advantage of this great opportunity to promote yourself and your music – the purpose
of which is to drive loads of people towards your release party, website & your social media. The time you spend
waiting for your CDs to be manufactured is the perfect time to execute your promotional campaign. This should be
planned and started well in advance of the manufacturing process to ensure you have industry professionals, press or
media and most importantly as many fans as possible who are interested in purchasing your exclusive new product release.

Once you’ve got your CDs in-hand, pick a release party date that gives you plenty of time for promotion;
between 4 and 12 weeks is common for an indie-band and doesn’t compete with other major events in your town.
You don’t need unnecessary competition stealing away your crowd. Write out a schedule for your event’s promotional
and marketing campaign. Set targets, goals, completions dates for different tasks with everything building up and hyping
your big event – kind of like the election campaign prior to Election Day.

Remember “WIIFM”: What’s In It for Me? This is the philosophy to keep in mind when you’re trying to attract
new fans (i.e.: customers). Remember, the event is for the fans… not the band… so provide lots of reasons why people should
be excited about attending.

Targeting Fans: There is absolutely no point spending time, effort and money to promote yourself to people who won’t
like your music. Find out where your type of crowd is (on the street, on the internet, in print publications) and then
saturate those areas with interesting promotions. Leave lots of reminders about your ‘big show’ using posters, handbills,
display ads, CD artwork, band photos, banner ads, articles, reviews, interviews with local college or school newspapers,
websites, entertainment magazines, regional radio and television interviews. Exhaust all potential avenues.

This takes a lot of what is called “advancing” and requires you to have your CDs in-hand. This is the most commonly missed
opportunity by new recording acts. Research local media outlets and figure out who the right people are to talk to for reviews,
interviews and even personal appearances. Call them and ask permission to send them your press-kit for consideration.
Be friendly, polite, and follow-up with them. Collect as many reviews/interviews as possible and constantly update your press-kit
with them to make it even more impressive. Ask them if they would be available to attend your show as an MC or VIP.
You can advertise this fact to gain additional credibility and reasons for fence-sitters to attend.

Artist/Sponsor Alliances: There are local businesses who will want to take advantage of having all your fans together in
one place at one time…music stores, clothing stores, skateboard shops, printers, etc. Contact them and see if they are willing
to offset some of your promotional costs (like posters and hand-bills) or if they will offer some prizes or giveaways in
exchange for advertising or on-site access. Even consider getting another band involved with your party to help sell-out the
room and split-up the costs. Keep in mind that the vibe at a sold-out show is 10-times more exciting than having every second
chair empty. If you take the time to properly plan your strategy and create awareness about your new release, it will
drive excitement and anticipation for your upcoming release party. Don’t blow it with poor planning.
Don’t risk having your CDs show up a week after your party.

Kelly Warren is CEO and Co-Founder of Pressing-Media, an Eco friendly factory direct manufacturer.

Call today for an expert opinion regarding “You Pressing Needs”
Toll-Free: 1-800-511-8171 x 101 or email: sales@pressing-media.com