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March, 2011

Pressing Media CEO Confident On New Plans For 2011


Pressing Media CEO Confident On New Plans For 2011
Source: Sal Aeron, Vancouver
Publication date: January 11, 2011

Pressing Media made it through the worst of the recession better than its other North American-based rivals by diversifying its prime product offerings. While other companies closed factories, lowered service response times, and limited staff across the board, Pressing Media devoted itself to the customer, putting greater emphasis on quality, eco-friendly packaging and green solutions.

Known primarily for its optical media manufacturing for musicians, film companies and marketing firms; Pressing Media is now aggressively expanding into online digital technologies, apparel, merchandising for corporate branding and environmentally friendly retail products. Pressing Media’s CEO Kelly Warren, was in Vancouver recently to speak to students at Nimbus School of recording about the industry’s turnaround and trends in 2010 – 2011.

Kelly spoke on Pressing Media’s focus of taking a differing approach from its competitors and the strategy behind it:

"Our customers around the world are focused on achieving the same goals and results: premium goods, delivered on time, with minimum environmental impact at a competitive price. Rather than cut corners with cheaper packaging, minimized service level and accessibility, Pressing Media delivers the complete experience from start to finish. We work directly for the manufacturing facilities. We are not a broker or middle man which allows us to personally execute the production of your projects seamlessly and accurately."

Kelly went on to say that "Our goal is to continue to build personal relationships with our customers and to deliver quality merchandise. Our state of the art facilities located throughout North America give us the exclusive edge to fulfill your expectations where and when you need them while minimizing your environmental impact. We now offer customer service by telephone and email 7 days a week, 24hrs a day as well as send daily updates on every project to ensure the customer knows exactly what their job status is. While lowering our retail pricing and producing our goods at our facility that is closest to the recipients shipping address – deadlines are met and most importantly our carbon footprint is minimized without sacrificing the quality."

Pressing Media has four primary replication facilities: Santa Ana, California – Charlotte, North Carolina – Mississauga, Ontario & Burnaby, British Columbia. Their state of the art CD and DVD production lines, offset and silk-screen printers and custom packaging equipment run 24/7 to produce millions of retail ready products every month. Having all of their manufacturing processes in house, gives them the ability to maintain the highest level of quality control, production management, and customer service possible.

When asked about the shift towards green packaging and eco-friendly products, Kelly stated that Pressing Media is at the forefront: "This has been our absolute strength in the marketplace. All of our paper print is produced utilizing FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified board stock, or other sources of up to 100% post consumer recycled paper printed with vegetable-based inks and waterless printing technology. In fact, our California plant is powered primarily with Wind Power. Couple that with a reduced shipping distance and we are seeing a major reduction in green-house gas emissions. We also recycle our substrates, offer bamboo / hemp apparel, seed cards, recycled trays – the list goes on."

Kelly Warren
Kelly Warren, CEO
"Focusing on the customer, the environment and product quality will drive the company’s approach in the future"

Kelly Warren is CEO and a founding partner of Pressing Media. He has been in the optical media and promotions business for 20 years and lives with his family in Vancouver, BC Canada. More information about Pressing Media can be found online www.pressing-media.com
Please feel free to contact them directly via email: sales@pressing-media.com or toll free: 1-800-511-8171

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